Managing By Measuring

Mark T. Czarnecki of The Benchmarking Network, Inc. has completed a new book researching how companies incorporate measurement programs into the corporate process. Managers today have an increasingly large amount of information available to them to aid in their decision-making process. Since competitors will have the same information available to them, no one can afford to ignore information that might be of use. Managers cannot simply rely on the mistakes of others to help them win the game. They must be constantly searching for new information, but they must also have some means of making sense of the information rapidly in order to continue to be productive. The purpose of Managing by Measuring is to show how companies can move to more scientifically managed business and to more stable markets through measuring themselves, measuring competitors and measuring the markets. Though measurement was first popularized in manufacturing environments through Total Quality Management programs, professionals from all areas of corporation in both the manufacturing and service sectors are involved with measurement today. The research conducted for this book reveals that measurement functions can be housed in an executive area (like corporate quality), a manufacturing area (such as a Total Quality Department), a human resources function, or in any business process. This book is for any professional who wants to know more about starting and maintaining a measurement program. The number one complaint you hear from process owners struggling to implement a new program is that it sounds good in theory, but is impossible to apply to real life. While recognizing that corporate situations differ greatly, and only process owners who truly understand the corporation can apply theories appropriately, Managing by Measuring is designed as a practical manual. Case studies and charts scattered throughout this book give the reader a snapshot of techniques being used in real life. As part of the research for this book, The Benchmarking Network, Inc. conducted surveys of over 20 companies of varying sizes in different industries to find out how prevalent certain measurement practices were in today's corporate environment. The participants represent a significant population of workers in The United States (about 2 million). The companies who participated in the research include: * Alcoa Fujikura, LTD. * Amoco * AT&TT * AT&TT Universal Card * Bank America * Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Michigan * Boeing * Chevron * Citicorp * Federal Mogul * Florida Power and Light * Intel * Johnson Controls * Kellogg * NCR * Nucor * Phillips Petroleum * Public Service Electric and Gas * Ryder Systems, Inc. * Sears * Steelcase * Texas Instruments * USAA The Benchmarking Network also made use of extensive publicly available information to compile a complete picture of measurement today. Of course, Mr. Czarnecki has also formulated opinions of what works best based on extensive conversations with the participants. It is his goal to give readers an outline of steps necessary to implementing a strong measurement program while allowing them to formulate their own opinions about detailed implementation.

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